New site coming!
24 April 2017

Seeing as it has been literally years since I updated the site, a badly needed refresh is currently in the works. This dear old site has served me well, so many thanks to the multi-talented Davin Risk for creating it so many years ago. Stand by for something shiny and new!


23 April 2015

Back around Easter, I was seeing cutesy images of rabbits and eggs everywhere, so I thought I'd do a blood-red drawing of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar instead. Some say our word "Easter" comes from the name "Ishtar", although this apparently isn't accurate. I do enjoy a good debate about the evolution of mythological nomenclature!


Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery
06 April 2014

I'm honoured to be part of the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery, opening in a few weeks in Berlin. My piece is a remix of my wife's kindergarten class photo. Click here for more amazing portraits!


Bye bye 2013!
23 December 2013

I may have missed the winter solstice by two days and not posted anything for months, but I can still wish you a merry Christmas with some good pagan fun featuring our friend Krampus and a jolly evergreen. If you're wondering what I've been up to, my new job as the art director / illustrator at Sago Mini has been keeping me busy making apps for kids. Never fear though, I promise to post more content here - there are already some fun creative surprises brewing for 2014. Stay tuned, and happy holidays!


Pictoplasma Madrid – White Noise
08 June 2013

I'm honoured to have some of my Spirit City characters included in the White Noise show in Madrid presented by Pictoplasma and La Casa Encendida. The show is on until September 8th and features amazing character design from around the world. More photos here.


New job at Sago Sago!
06 March 2013

After 18 years as a freelancer, I am very excited to say I have started a new job as art director / illustrator at the brand new Sago Sago studio (formerly known as zinc Roe) making fun, innovative apps for kids. We will be working in collaboration with the amazing Toca Boca studio in Sweden. More info here.


Sketchbook 2011
14 November 2012

Well, it's almost a year late, but I just updated my sketchbook section with 24 images cobbled together from various 2011 sketchbooks. Enjoy!


31 October 2012

Presenting Zombiegrams, a fresh batch of zombie-themed greeting cards for the good folks at Sorry You're Happy. Happy Halloween everyone!


Trio Magnus: Triple Triple
27 September 2012

If you live in Toronto and enjoy only the highest-quality artwork, why not join me, Steve Wilson and Clayton Hanmer tonight for the opening of our collective's new show, Trio Magnus: Triple Triple! It's happening from 6-10 pm at Café Pamenar (307 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market). See you there!


Illustration for ELLE Canada
02 August 2012

I recently had the pleasure of working with my friend Beatriz Juarez, the multi-talented art director of ELLE Canada magazine, to create an image for the RSVP page of the August 2012 issue. The theme was "games", so it was appropriate that I had a blast making the piece. Here's a link to a little write-up by Beatriz.


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