Trio Magnus in Montreal
12 July 2012

This posting is a bit late, but two weeks ago I and my mates from Trio Magnus, Steve Wilson and Clayton Hanmer, headed to Montreal to participate in the FIMA festival. Over the space of two days we took over a public park on rue Saint-Catherine and created an 11 foot-high "totem" with a total surface area of 114 square feet! Along with us were two other collectives, En Masse and Cease It. Thanks to everyone for showing us a great time, to FIMA for having us and to Rupert Bottenberg for making it happen!

tmtotem01 tmtotem02

The Breakfast Bunch
25 May 2012

Presenting my first collection for Sorry You're Happy: The Breakfast Bunch! Seeing as I'm a fellow who enjoys his breakfast, I figured an off-kilter family of anthropomorphic breakfast food would be an appropriate subject for my first stab at a collection. From a high-stepping apple to a classy croissant, this new spin on your breakfast favourites will have you wishing it was morning all day long!

bbpattern bb01 bb02 bb03 bb04

Sorry You're Happy recap Suretx 2012
25 May 2012

My pals Jen Hsieh and Kyle Reed, also known as the art licensing and surface design studio Sorry You're Happy recently returned from the huge Surtex trade show in New York. Read about their adventures here. In addition to showcasing their own awesome stuff, they also showed work by the amazing Katy Dockrill and yours truly (see next post). Thanks guys!


Seeing spirits with Jeremy Kai
17 May 2012

During my talk at pictoplasma I showcased four new spirit images created specifically for the conference, each one based on the story of a "real life" creature sighting. These strange, wonderful stories included the Loveland frog, the stiff-legged gnome, the woods helper and my favourite, the Toronto tunnel monster. The weirdest part about all the stories is that they're apparently true!

I also have to give a huge thank you to Jeremy Kai for letting me use his photo to create the perfect subterranean habitat for the tunnel monster (bottom image). Check out the rest of his photography here and buy his excellent book, another fine product from Koyama Press.





Picto links
17 May 2012

Well, the 2012 pictoplasma conference has come and gone, and despite a dead laptop my talk went well and I had a great time in Berlin. It was great to see old friends again such as Martin Haake and Mark Borgions and make a bunch of new ones, including Sarit Evrani, Daphne Christoforou, Ziro Falcao, Carlos Añazco, Alex Grigg, Lucas Zanotto, Joshua Ben Longo and the inimitable Ben Newman. Favourite presenters included Jeanspezial, Sauerkids, Punga and, of course, my good friend and fellow Torontonian, Hyein Lee!


Berlin, new site and UPPERCASE
08 April 2012

Three exciting bits to share: Firstly, I head to Germany today for the always mind-blowing pictoplasma conference where I'll be not only attending but speaking as well. If you happen to be in Berlin on Thursday evening, feel free to drop by! Secondly, I've just finished a new website,, which will be the future home of all my nature spirits lost in the city. Even though my book, Spirit City Toronto is now sold out, I plan to do a new one about Berlin and hopefully other cities as well. So this site will be part of that project as well as future ones. And thirdly, I recently completed a piece for the 13th issue of UPPERCASE magazine on the theme of "luck". Here's my piece featuring the rare sight of an unlucky leprechaun.


New acquisitions!
25 March 2012

Recently I was lucky enough to acquire paintings by two of my former students, Jen Prior (the snake and the hand) and Alex Gorodskoy (the blistering pre-Cambrian scene). Forget investing in your RRSP – buy their amazing work instead!



Mini Interview: Sorry You’re Happy
25 March 2012

I recently interviewed Jen Hsieh and Kyle Reed, friends of mine who are also masterminds behind the art licensing and surface design studio, Sorry You're Happy. Read it here on the Nook blog.


Young Blood winners
03 March 2012

Kelsey Heinrichs and Taryn Gee are two very talented former students of mine from Sheridan a few years back, so it was no surprise to hear they both recently had work accepted in the "Young Blood" category of the 2012 Applied Arts Photography and Illustration Annual. Check out their fantastic winning entries below. Congratulations guys!

heinrichsaa geeaa

Pictoplasma 2012
04 February 2012

This is exciting: I've been asked to be a presenter at this year's pictoplasma festival in Berlin, as have my friends Hyein Lee and Nathan Jurevicius. Many thanks to Peter and Lars!


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