Dialog Mural
30 September 2011

I recently had the pleasure of helping out local illustrator extraordinaire Ben Weeks with a mural project he was hired to do for an architecture firm called Dialog here in Toronto. Also lending an able hand was illustrator Ian Turner. You know a company like Dialog is forward-thinking when they hire an illustrator to create a mural on a 50-foot black wall which is the first thing visible upon exiting the elevator. We used china markers to draw, and although trying to keep them peeled wreaked havoc on our thumbs we had a blast covering the wall with our three respective styles, the sum of which ended up becoming something new entirely. It was a great example of how illustration can be applied in a non-traditional manner for a truly unique result.

dialog01 dialog02 dialog02 dialog02

The Subconscious Sketchbook at Nook
28 September 2011

Hey, in November I'll be teaching a four-part class at Nook: The Subconscious Sketchbook! Come join the fun as we fill pages with nonsense, gorge on unhealthy snacks and drop-kick mental blocks. All the info is here at the Nook blog.


Estela Cuadro
21 September 2011

Estela Cuadro is an illustrator from Buenos Aries, Argentina, whose magical work is intimate and surreal, suggestive of both dreams and nightmares. This gal doesn't hold back! Check out her website here.


The Imperial 6 - Group Exhibition
14 September 2011

If you have ever been to Barrie, Ontario, you probably know that it's not usually considered a hotbed of artistic enlightenment. Well, that's all going to change tomorrow night with the opening of The Imperial 6, a group exhibition at Maclaren Art Centre featuring a bunch of my talented pals including Steve Wilson, Ben Shannon, Steve Manale, Chris Stone, Chip Zdarsky and Michael Comeau. If you live in Barrie, come on out and get cultured, dammit! Check the facebook page here for details.


Taryn Gee
08 September 2011

Taryn Gee is an excellent illustrator (and Sheridan grad) whose beautiful work reminds me of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Russian iconography, with a sense of humour mixed in for good measure. No one draws pretty ladies like Taryn, and her sketchbook (pictured below) is a work of art in and of itself. Check out her site and her blog.


Drew Shannon
25 August 2011

Drew Shannon is a recent (and award-winning!) grad from the Sheridan illustration program with a penchant for lush, dream-like imagery combined with Hergé-inspired figurative work. This cat can draw. He's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Do yourself a favour and check out his excellent work here.


New illustration work
23 August 2011

For the last few months I've been developing some new illustration work which focuses on shape and texture unlike my older work which is primarily line and flat colour. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Take a peek at my new portfolio here, and let me know what you think.


Kayla Cassivi
26 July 2011

Do you know Kayla Cassivi's work? If not, you should. Kayla was in my illustration class last year at Sheridan, and cannot only draw like a hot damn but also does lovely collage and hand-drawn typography. Check out her website and her blog, or grab her fantastic book, a compilation of her gorgeous sketchbook work. Lucky you!


22 July 2011

I'm very pleased to announce that the Nook Collective, of which I am a part, has an official home and a website! Comprised of award–winning illustrators and educators, the collective offers opportunities to commercial artists for inspiration, education and collaboration via a series of classes on a wide variety of topics. If you're in Toronto, come visit us at 156 Augusta Avenue in in Kensington Market or check out our site here. Share, shape, create!


Cy Twombly
05 July 2011

I just found out that legendary modern artist (and one of my personal faves) Cy Twombly has passed away. From one scribbler to another, I salute him and his scratchy, dynamic images steeped in mythology. Read the story here.


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