Pyramid Attack!
17 February 2011

This is exciting: my good friends Steve Wilson and Arv Slabosevicius of Ghostmilk Studios have teamed up with animator Sean Conly to create a new turbo-charged alliance called Pyramid Attack. It's time to think outside the pyramid! Check out their eye-melting new site if you dare, and be sure to watch the short "Pyramid Attack" animated clip. Brilliant.


16 February 2011

My friend Hideki Hirahisa from Tokyo recently launched his website, Sonopuro-Nopuro, showcasing his strange, adorable characters which inhabit a colourful world uniquely their own. I met Hideki three and a half years ago at Design Festa, a massive bi-annual art show in Tokyo, and will be seeing him again in a few months, seeing as my lovely wife and I, along with a few friends, are headed back to Japan for two weeks in April. I can't wait for Pen Club Tokyo!


Annies and Egypt
11 February 2011

Just a little something from Pen Club this past week: a page full of skeletal Anne Koyamas in colourful dresses, bustling around striking up publishing deals, no doubt. And in other news, congratulations to the people of Egypt on overthrowing a dictator of 29 years! Canadians could learn a thing or two from their courage and bravery.


RIP Courtney Milne
03 February 2011

Recently I was sad to discover that one of my heroes, photographer Courtney Milne, passed away last August. Not only was he a fellow Saskatchewan boy and amazing artist, but he was also a gifted author, educator, speaker, philanthropist and natural mystic. He published 12 books of photography, including The Sacred Earth, with a foreword by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. When I first saw this book years ago, it made a deep impression on me, not just for the beautiful, haunting imagery of sacred sites around the world but the idea that an image could also function as a form of meditation. When asked what he wanted readers to gain from the book, Milne replied that "Esoteric images like those in The Sacred Earth can serve as a mirror of the soul, striking a personal chord, and helping people to get in touch with their deepest yearnings. Whether readers find the photographs profoundly moving or just "pretty pictures" is going to depend on their individual interests, values, openness to new realities, and the extent to which they choose to tap into the mysticism within themselves."


Eye-likey and Robert Roth
24 January 2011

Thanks very much to fellow Lindgren & Smith artist Robert Roth for featuring my work, including Spirit City Toronto, on the blog Eye-likey. Check out his gorgeous paintings as well as his recent kids book, Busing Brewster. Great stuff!


Les Fumettos du Cyclope
15 January 2011

Back in May 2010, I was invited by Marc Tessier to contribute to issue four of his photo-illustration anthology, Les Fumettos du Cyclope (Cyclops Comics). Part art book, part graphic novel, this unique book features the work of 35 writers, artists, photographers and comic artists from across Quebec and a few from Ontario, including yours truly. I created four images for the project featuring spirits of the archetypal elements: fire, air, water and earth (see below). To see a few more samples from the book click here, and if you're in Montreal you can pick it up at either Studio 9 (5835, St-Hubert, métro Rosemont) or Planète BD (3883, Rue Saint-Denis, métro Sherbrooke).





Post-holiday Santa
06 January 2011

I realize the holidays have come and gone, but I just had to share this excellent drawing of Santa which my niece did for me. Oh, to be able to draw with the wondrous abandon of a five-year old. Happy new year everyone!


Happy holidays 2010
17 December 2010

It's that special time of year again when we drink eggnog with every meal, listen to Bing Crosby (often against our will), meditate on the pagan significance of the Christmas tree and hopefully avoid Krampus (see previous entry). Hope you were good. Happy holidays everyone, and all the best in 2011!


Krampusnacht 2010
03 December 2010

Things got all pointy and pagan last night at Resistor Gallery here in Toronto with the much anticipated opening of Krampusnacht 2010. The show is a celebration of Krampus, a hairy devil from Central and Eastern European folklore who "assists" Santa at Christmas by brutally punishing bad children. Seriously! With content like that, it's not surprising that the show was chock full of local talent. Many thanks to Steve Wilson and Pat and Marek of Tin Can Forest for making it all happen! I'll post a cropped version of my own piece below – if you want to see the whole thing, you'll have to swing by the gallery! More info here.


2011 calendar from Kid Icarus
30 November 2010

I recently had the honour of contributing to the new 2011 handprinted calendar being done up by my pals Mike and Bianca at handmade haven, Kid Icarus. They were kind enough to let me have the month of October so I could draw a Samhain-type scene with monsters and demons dancing around a big bonfire – yes! The calendar will be launching this Sunday, December 5, at Kid Icarus in Kensington Market, Toronto, so drop by and check it out if you're in the 'hood. There are only 125 copies, so you'll have to act fast if you want one! More info here.


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