Year of the Tiger
12 January 2010

According to Chinese astrology, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. Sharpen up those claws - it's going to be a good one. Happy new year!


Last Xmas of the 00's
17 December 2009

Can you believe the 00's are already over? From all of us here at (me), happy holidays and all the best in 2010! And if the idea of sitting on Santa's knee has ever creeped you out, this site is for you:


Tickle Tap Apps
05 November 2009

Introducing Tickle Tap Apps, a series of iPhone games for pre-schoolers that are both educational and fun! At the request my friends at zinc Roe, I came up with the art and the character design, while they made the magic happen (which to a layman like me is how iPhones operate). The Sound Shaker game is particularly cool. Click here for more info.

Zimmer Twins iPhone

There's something spooky in the water
28 October 2009

Well, the best holiday of the year is almost upon us, and in the spirit of all things Halloweeny I thought I'd post a recent piece (or at least a cropped version of it) which I did for issue 3 of UPPERCASE magazine. At the request of the lovely and talented Janine Vangool, creator of the magazine, I wrote and illustrated an article about a topic I find extremely interesting – lake monsters! You know the critters I'm talking about: Ogopogo, the Loch Ness monster, etc. While I admit that my fascination with this weird phenomenon may betray my nerdish leanings, it is truly intriguing. For instance, did you know that Canada has more lake monsters than any other country in the world? Or that these things have been reported for hundreds of years, from Sweden to Argentina? Or that rattled witnesses have described said creatures as resembling dragons, complete with horns, scales and twisting coils? Of course, no one's nabbed any definitive proof of their existence... yet. More info here.


This just in: I got married!
23 October 2009

No, seriously - I got married last Saturday, October 17 up in North Bay, Ontario. Wild, eh? It was a small affair with immediate family only (14 people, I believe), described by my dad as "the best wedding he'd ever been to". Thanks to Karen, my radiant new wife, and our families for making the day so memorable.


Pen Club - September 23, 2009
25 September 2009

Come on everybody, let's draw with yellow, black and white!


Pen Club - September 9, 2009
15 September 2009

Let's hear it for day-glo creatures drawn with highlighters, pencil crayons and crappy ballpoint pens!


It's time to get down
04 September 2009

It's the last long-weekend of the summer here in Canada, so I thought this old painting (from 1999 - gasp!) was appropriately celebratory, although I'm not sure what Labour Day has to do with costumed mice. Anyhow, get outside and have fun!


Drawing at the cottage
02 September 2009

This past weekend saw me, my two buddies from Trio Magnus and our long-suffering significant others invited up to the cottage of our friend and publisher, Anne Koyama. Along with beers on the dock, playing in the pool and a croquet tournament, we managed to find time to do up a 6 x 8' collaborative drawing. It was done with red and black snowman markers on primed canvas and took about an hour. We ended up giving it to Anne as a small thank you for such a fun weekend!

Cottagedrawing01 Cottagedrawing01

Pen Club - July 29, 2009
30 July 2009

Just a few samples of some sketchbook stuff created at last night's Pen Club. Even the acrid smell of burnt plastic wafting out of the kitchen (which seems to happen every time we're at Future's Cafe, right around 8:30 pm) couldn't stop the creativity from flowing...

penclubjuly292009a penclubjuly292009b

handy stuff